Industry expertise can be subjective, but figures never are
Experience in foreign and Russian venture markets
Entrepreneurial thinking with a deep insight into the specifics of investments
A team of first-class professionals
You may be smitten by a project, but 80% of investment accuracy relies on figures
Feel confident to contact us if you need:
Feel confident to contact us if you need:
Management Accounting Setup:
Business Valuation:
Financial Business Model Review:
Integrated Business Due Diligence:
Second Opinion on Venture Transactions:
- analyzing the target company and issuing a report on the current state of affairs
- developing management accounts
- developing bylaws and instructions; making organizational changes in the company

- collecting, verifying and analyzing information
- transforming financial statements
- presenting results and receiving approval; preparing the final opinion on the value
- issuing a valuation report

- analyzing the inputs of a financial model
- analyzing the results of financial forecasts
- verifying the methodology of financial models
- assessing the consistency of financial results

- operational due diligence
- financial due diligence
- audit of tax risks
- issuing the final report
- reviewing the financial model and pitch-deck (presentation) of the project
- auditing financial and tax accounts of the company
- assessing the value of a venture project
- obtaining approvals of transaction terms

We can assist you in:
We can assist you in:
Getting a professional view of the investment target
Organizing a financial and tax due diligence of the company
Organizing an independent project valuation
Reviewing / Creating a financial model of your project
Confirming the accuracy of the financial statements of the company
Verifying / Developing company management accounts
our professional team
People you work with:
our professional team
People you work with:
Auditors having Unified Qualification Certificates and over 10 years of work experience
Valuers having qualification certificates and over 8 years of work experience
Quality standards
Analysts qualified in financial analysis and investments according to international standards and holding CFA certificates
Our clients:
Our clients:
Private investors and lenders
If you are already considering investments in new projects, including investments on the venture capital market, or planning to grant a loan for the development of a third-party project and you wish to have a professional overview of the investment target, receive an objective outlook of your return on investments, know the project value, Midasfinlab will verify the accuracy of the information on the financial status of the company, its performance and evaluate its commercial prospects.
Business angel and super angel
A professional investor making investments in venture capital projects. According to the stage of the project which seems attractive, Midasfinlab experts can build the project financial model as well as verify the data provided to the investor by the founder, or perform a full financial and tax due diligence.

Moving forward, we will help you create transparent management accounts to track the performance of your investments.
Business Partner Cooperation
A cooperation of business angels with the possible involvement of private investors. In this case the amount of investments may be more considerable, and we may be looking at a later project stage where management and financial reporting has already been established.

In this case a financial and tax due diligence is required before money is invested in order to understand the insides of the project.
Founders and business owners
Regardless of whether you have a traditional business or you are a founder of a fast-growing startup, the correct management accounts and the reliability of financial indicators are essential to monitor growth and development.

If you have those, you will find it much easier to raise funds, prepare for a sale or a merger. Besides, it is important to consider tax risks in order to optimize and develop your business.

Corporate Clients and Companies
Corporate clients and companies considering investment offers from third parties to increase their internal efficiency or diversify their investment portfolio.

In this case, an independent external valuation of the project as well as the financial and tax due diligence are required to obtain comprehensive information before the final investment decision is taken.

Private equity and venture capital funds
After a preliminary decision on investing in a project, a financial and tax due diligence is required. We do not compete with the internal expertise of funds, but our certified auditors will promptly verify and confirm its accuracy, which will give you an opportunity to make the investment decision as quickly as possible.

Our report may also be provided to investors who want to join the project or invest their money. Due to a great number of projects considered by funds, MidasFinLab team is a reliable partner who is capable of performing a large amount of daily work and releasing the internal resources of funds.
OUR solutions
Choose the solution that suits you best:
Choose the solution that suits you best:
This solution gives you a written report where the current state of the business is analyzed. Based on a flash-check of the financial model and the presentation of the company, we provide a final document with our comments.
from RUB 49,000

3 business days (upon receiving information)
In addition to the financial model and materials about the company, the focus of the analysis will also be on the financial statements with an express audit of the company.

As a result, you will receive a written report on the current state of the business, key risks and recommendations to minimize them.
from RUB 150,000
5 business days (upon receiving information)
A comprehensive data analysis with on-site auditors, a review of financial / managerial accounts. Risk assessment, analyst recommendations. An auditor's opinion issued on the accuracy of the analyzed data.
from RUB 500,000
10 to 15 business days (upon receiving information)
Due Diligence for the past 3 years of the company's operation.

This solution will provide you with a full report with reliable information on the current activities of the company, as well as a report on its financial, economic and tax risks.
from RUB 500,000
5 business days (upon receiving information)
A full analysis of the company's activities, a review of financial / managerial accounts, engagement of external experts according to specific aspects of the business and the provision of a full comprehensive vision in accordance with everyday challenges of the company, the determination of the future strategy, legal support, company management and process support by Midasfinlab team.
from RUB 1,000,000
keeping IN TOUCH
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Contact us in any way
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